good Corporate governance

and Global citizenship

More and more companies and organizations are willing to approach their business decisions in a manner which is respectful of social and environmental concerns, and partnering with others, including with government, business and civil society, towards the Sustainable Development Goals. This is a journey for all partners, with many good practices already in place and many opportunities to explore. M-Trust believes socially responsible investments and innovative financing through public-private partnerships hold great potential for sustainable development in the developing countries of the world. 

M-Trust Leadership offers strategic advice and implementation support.

Engagements include the  following roles:

  • Special Advisor on Sustainable Development. KPMG, New York, and its Development Effectiveness Centre, Washington DC. From 2014-2016.
  • Senior Strategic Advisor. Everimpact, France, 2014 - 2018. Board Chair since 2019.
  • Senior Strategic Advisor. CodersTrust, Denmark. Since 2014.
  • Chair, Strategic Advisory Panel of Experts. UNITAID, Switzerland., 2015-2016.
  • From 2015-2016 Leadership Coach, UNITAID, Switzerland. Since 2015.
  • Special Advisor to the President. IFAD, Rome. 2017.
  • Member of Eminent Group of Experts. IFAD, Rome. Since 2017

Strategic Advisor to the Executive Director, Green Climate Fund, ROK, since 2019

Information on these assignments and projects could be provided upon request.