museum for the united nations  -  UN Live

This is a new global museum for learning and dialogue in an interconnected world. It invites people to participate on three mutually enforcing platforms: UN Live Online, the UN Live Network and the UN Live Building. Whether virtually or in physical locations, all three platforms offer people to join the UN Live community and the opportunity to learn, share and act in line with UN values.

Innovative cultural approaches and the latest trends in digital social networks and online games will help make UN Live a meaningful and fun place for its participants; to engage both emotionally and intellectually. The goal is to connect millions of people around the UN pillars of peace and security, sustainable de­velopment and humanitarian affairs; and within these areas specific topics of common global as well as local importance. 

MISSION: To welcome people, especially youth, to be part of the UN, to offer them opportunities to learn, share, and act – and to be the change they want.

VISION: To make UN values felt and relevant to the everyday lives of people around the world.

Between 2014 and 2019, Jan Mattsson served as Executive Director, working with a growing team of dedicated professionals and partners globally. From April 2019 he assumed the role of Board Chair.