Strategy and Execution

We can help develop strategy and most importantly give advice on how to make sure your strategy is well implemented: good governance, pitfalls to avoid, effective stakeholder management, change management, innovation and metrics to measure progress.


We can help identify and balance key economic, social and environmental factors and interests associated with strategy options, always based on fundamental values and principles with a view to arrive at informed decisions and thoughtful action.


We help arrange consultations and focus groups, and carry out in-depth interviews and on-line surveys with stakeholders to collect valuable information and build trust among multiple parties with different interests and perspectives.

Leadership coaching

We provide individualized support and guidance to executives as coach, sounding board, challenger and trusted advisor. This capacity is built on decades of hands-on experience of leadership challenges in a variety of complex and multi-partner settings globally. 

Best practice Benchmarks

We help identify and adapt relevant best practices and internationally recognized standards and safeguards that can inspire and guide projects. We can also provide independent assessment of progress through standard-setting and KPIs.

csr and partnerships

M-Trust can help responsible companies and their public sector or civil society partners on the path of corporate social responsibility, societal results, social impact investment and public-private partnerships that make good business sense and support sustainable development.